Open Door Biker Church


Laying in a hotel room unable to get to sleep. Filled with to many questions on my mind with far to few answers.
I finally gave up two hours from check out time. Open Door Biker Church has been on my list of outreaches I wanted to highlight for awhile. I texted Pastor Jay that I was in town and would like to come by the church. He responded that he was headed to the church and I was welcome to come by.
I had found myself in this depression from a combination of no sleep and self-doubt.
When I got to the church I didn’t feel I had much more left in me but somehow I found peace and strength in my visit. I spent four hours at the church filming and talking to Pastor Jay. By the time I left my Spirits had been lifted so much that the two hour drive home on no sleep didn’t take anything out of me. I got home and stayed up most of the night working on editing this segment together with a renewed feeling of hope from my time spent at the church.
Thank you Pastor Jay for the invitation and taking the time out of your busy schedule to work on filming with me.
Also thank you to all of the volunteers and supporters of this Ministry.



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