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Downloadable PDF of the chip run card and rules of the run.



Chip Run Rules.

Hand numbers*

The first hand of the day is 100. The numbers for each hand goes up as they are bought and does not start over for the duration of the event. 



Each stop has a bag with 20 chips. All 20 have a different  value from 1-20 points. 

At each stop*

Pull one chip out of the bag per hand purchased. If you pull two chips you will receive the lower value chip recorded for that hand. No redraws if you pull more than one chip. After pulling a chip lay it on the counter and the person running the stop will put it back in the bag. 


Record keeping*

Each stop will have enough ride cards to cover all of the hands sold and will have each hand number wrote in order on the cards as a log for that stop. Chip value drawn will be recorded at each stop of each hand. Marked on the log for the stop and on the players run card. So if you loose your run sheet we will still have all of the information to replace your card at any stop. 


Stamps are used to validate that each card has gone to each check point. Every card only has to be stamped one time per stop. 



The highest total for a single  hand  wins.

The chip run is set up to bring down the chances of having a tie but if we do have a tie the winner will be decided by a chip off until a clear winner is found. 

Each person in the chip off will draw a chip from the bag of 20 chips with highest chip being the winner.