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     Well…it’s a long story…but I’ll try to keep it brief my leaving a few things out like my birth, the uncountable speeding tickets I have received, and that time I went to Mexico. 

     My love for cars started at a young age and I could easily name the make and model of cars that we passed on the highway. At the age of 15, I worked at a service station pumping gas, cleaning the windshield, checking the oil, and airing up the tires. That evolved into changing oil, performing tune-ups, and replacing parts.

     I joined the Army at age 19 and am still serving 25 years later. Since working at the service station, I have always been pretty handy around cars since then and have over the past 3 years gotten into restoring vehicles. It started with my 1965 Impala SS that I purchased in 2015. I did some work to it before it flooded in August 2016 and decided to do a full restoration on it after that. 

     Since finishing the Impala, I have won numerous awards at local car shows and have had multiple people ask me to work on their classic. At some point I decided to take on my first project for someone other than myself and it just happened to be a full restoration. I have enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to completing other projects down the road.

  • Phone : (225) 937-5426
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