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RoadShaker Media is here to entertain, inform, and educate members of the Motorcycle and Automotive communities through video and written articles. We are a 100% digital online publication. We’re not just a media company, but we’re also an outlet to promote and publicize  various charitable works and organizations. 


RoadShaker has been built through years of trial and error. I have deep ties to charitable organizations and an immense respect for everything they do. Through my time volunteering I kept asking myself “What can I do to better serve?”

I realized that what they were often missing are resources for marketing and advertising.

With the desire to not just help one organization, but to help as many as possible with the things they need but don’t have time or funds to focus on themselves RoadShaker Media was born.

We are working very hard to produce quality content while still helping with as many charitable works as possible.

I do hope that you enjoy our site and our mission. 

Toby “Drifter”


Raise funds to support charities through ad sales

Spotlight Various Charities Across the Country

Promote Local Fundraisers and Events

Provide Affordable Ad Space to Businesses


News and Events


Ride down Greenwell Springs Rd near Baywood,La

We had been filming something else and just threw some of these clips together.  This isn’t a true riding segment but can give people an idea of the riding segments that are to come. If you would like to show us some of your favorite roads we would love to come...

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Car Show

READY TO HELP US HELP OTHERS? Connect with us on facebook.©  Clint Sanchez DesignfacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterestlinkedintumblrinstagramskype

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Outdoor Powerhouse

Outdoor Powerhouse is a great place to check out new toys. Roadshaker Media decided to stop by so Whoey could take a look at their inventory, and talk to them about how everything’s been going after the flood.   Outdoor Powerhouse is located in Denham Springs,...

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